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You know, after reading a certain post, I almost believed that they robbed Mako’s moment, and made it all about Usagi. But after watching everything carefully, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t think that’s true.

This is still Mako’s victory. You see, throughout this act, Mako’s been much more vulnerable than in any other incarnation. I think this is due to the fact that this Mako is much more affected by what everyone else thinks about her than 90s Mako or PGSM Mako. Her self esteem is pretty bad right now, and then this boy comes to tell her that he loves her. Even though she’s been brainwashed the whole time, she truly believed so, because Mako needs to be loved.

But then, the same person who’s truly responsible for her being brainwashed, states that she was fooled by appearances. Maybe I don’t have visual proof to back me up, but I do think that Mako was still under Nephrite’s influence while discovering that Motoki doesn’t actually love her.

Actually, I think I do have something to back me up.

In the midst of her breakdown, Nephrite tells Mako that only fools believe in love. He’s convinced of it, so when he says it, Mako thinks it, she believes it, she’s convinced as well. She’s still under his control.

And then Usagi snaps her out of it with her speech. I don’t believe that this was made with the intention of making it all about Usagi, neither do I feel like this is all about Usagi. Honestly, I think that you’re setting your expectations too high if you think that she’s gonna deliver this amazing 10 minutes long dissertation about how awesome Mako is, and how she should believe in herself.

I don’t think Usagi truly understands Mako’s problems. Of course she sees that she needs a friend, and that she needs her confidence to be boosted, but I don’t think she realizes to what degree Mako has given up in that point or why. And it’s slightly ironic, I learned this from the same person who thinks this is all about Usagi, and how she didn’t tell Mako to believe in herself, but, Usagi has quite a limited perspective. She doesn’t see how one person, using this act’s example, wouldn’t believe in love.

From Usagi’s point of view, Mako stopped believing in love because she was deceived by one too many people, but she doesn’t realize that Mako needs to believe in herself. And most importantly, Usagi has no idea how to make Mako believe in love again, so of course she has to use herself as an example. If there’s anyone Usagi truly knows and understands in this world, up until this point, is herself.

That’s where Usagi’s speech only contributes to Mako’s victory.

Usagi snapped Mako out of Nephrite’s manipulation, and only then Mako became fully aware of everything that was happening. She realized that Nephrite tricked her into giving up, and Usagi’s speech helped her realize that she still believes in love. Now, knowing that Nephrite is wrong, Mako discovered the power within her, and she freed herself from the monster. That is when Mako wins.

About her awakening as a Guardian, I think that Mako being free, it was time for something to trigger Sailor Jupiter’s awakening. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus were Princess Serenity’s Sailor Guardians in their past lives, that’s why I’ve been stressing the so-on-characterness of their respective awakenings, minus Venus of course which already happened.

Like I said, Mako already had her victory, with the encouraging words of Usagi, she managed to set herself free. But Sailor Jupiter is still dormant inside of her, and her Princess has to be in danger in order for her to HAVE to awaken once and for all.

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