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a letter from the end of the first week of hogwarts

  • albus severus:

    dear mum and dad

  • albus severus:

    i was in the library today

  • albus severus:

    reading a book about previous heads of hogwarts

  • albus severus:

    and i would just like to say

  • albus severus:

    are you fucking serious

  • albus severus:

    i demand a name change immediately

  • albus severus:

    just literally anything else please

  • albus severus:

    fucking dobby kreacher potter for all i care

  • albus severus:

    sorry for swearing i just

  • albus severus:

    bloody hell

  • albus severus:

    yours sincerely,

  • albus severus:

    aragog fang potter or some shit

crunchbuttsteak asked:

what are your thoughts on usagi / kakyuu (JET DON'T LOOK!)



I will tag this with ‘jet wolf spoilers’ and put it here in case this crosses Jet’s dash before I can tag it.


But oh man, Usagi/Kakyuu SO UNDER APPRECIATED.

There was a big post about this ages ago that basically said everything I would have to say, and in fact clued me in to the fact that it was a pairing that was under appreciated.  I of course can’t find it because I can never find things when I need them.







I will also note that I think Kakyuu has been criminally underutilized in… basically every Sailor Moon continuity.  Possibly it’s better in the musicals because I haven’t seen all of them, but I feel like I have no idea who Kakyuu is, so it’s difficult for a lot of people, me included, to really dig into this pairing or Kakyuu herself.

I mean, and I say this as a lover of the manga, when the manga version of the character is the most fleshed out version of that character, THERE’S KIND OF A BIG PROBLEM.

Like on the one hand, I think it’s kind of brave for the anime to have led up to Kakyuu’s awakening basically heralding her as the deus ex machina to save us all… and then kill her off the next episode.  That’s interesting, or it would be interesting if it wasn’t Sailor Moon because in that continuity, Usagi being the Chosen One and Savior of All is going to be a given.  It’s why no one is surprised that Usagi is the princess or the Messiah; it’s the biggest not-twists of all time.  So the first time I watched Stars and they were building up Kakyuu, I wasn’t expecting her to come save the day.  Honestly, I was expecting her to turn out to be Galaxia somehow.  It didn’t work for me.

I think it was in Un Lun Dun by China Mieville that actually uses that narrative trick really well.  Two girls show up in Un Lun Dun, one is the Chosen One as foretold by the prophecy and one is a footnote in the prophecy as being the funny sidekick.  The Chosen One starts doing her thing, but then gets knocked out and basically exits without making any real change.  It’s the funny sidekick who has to save the city.

But shockingly I digress.

So anyway, on the one hand I think I can see what they were maybe trying to do (although knowing Sailor Moon and pacing, I may be giving them  too much credit here), but it doesn’t work in Sailor Moon.  It especially doesn’t work in Stars where the Starlights’ roles have been blown up to frankly comic proportions.  And I’m not just talking about Taiki’s forehead.


I would have LOVED to see more of Usagi and Kakyuu interacting in the anime as they did in the manga.  I know this a common complaint, but come on, you’ve basically got two Chosen Ones hanging out together - I FIND THAT INHERENTLY INTERESTING.  It’s like two slayers teaming up to fight the big bad (STILL UPSET ABOUT KENDRA).

What I love about the manga with Usagi and Kakyuu is how well it pulls off portraying their similarities.  Their stories are so similar.  Princesses who must be protected at all costs by their guardians, who have incredible power, and who ultimately have to save the day with their power.

It’s why I love how immediately touchy they are with one another.  Like it used to bother me how well they got on within two seconds of meeting, but I wasn’t getting that that was the point.  They are each other’s mirrors.  Usagi looks at Kakyuu and she seems someone who really GETS IT.  I don’t think Usagi even knew she needed someone who understood what it was like to be her until Kakyuu appeared.  And for all Kakyuu seems to have it more together than Usagi (given that she’s been fighting the war for longer), I feel like Kakyuu must breathe a huge sigh of relief to see Usagi.  ’I am not the only one with the weight of the galaxies on my back; she knows this burden too.’

KAKYUU AND USAGI IN THE MANGA IS THE FUCKING SHIT. i love them together so much it hurts





Dark Ages, Schmark Ages. The De-Textbook cuts through that and so much more fake-fact bullshit.

cloudy with a chance of witch burning

your periodic reminder that a good chunk of Europe basically shat the bed for a few centuries while everyone else kinda did their thing.

I am sorry I’m going to be that person.

This map is extremely inaccurate.

1) China was not going through business as usual China was going through the TANG DYNASTY i.e. the Golden Age of Chinese culture, which would lay down legal and social and poetic norms for the rest of Chinese history. The Tang is so influential that a lot of languages call Chinese people 唐人 (People from Tang.) (We call Chinese people “people from Qin” so.)

2) Japan is _first becoming literate_ during this time period (due to the influence of the Tang they adopt Chinese script), which is a BFD for poetry, religion, politics, society. Japanese court culture develops, which near the end of this period (11th century, around the time Europe enters “high middle ages”) will produce The Tale of Genji (by a totally awesome woman named Murasaki),widely regarded as the world’s first novel because of it’s deft use of irony and social commentary.

3) The southern part of Korea is experiencing the emergence of Unified Silla, a state that will last the entire period and will see the importation of Chinese and Indian buddhism, the construction of the first Confucian college in Korea, and so on.

4) In Mesoamerica, the Mayans are inventing astronomy, writing (the third and final independent invention of writing in human history), and a whole crapload of other stuff. This is the triumph of their culture.

5) The Umayyads in Spain are a massive center of technology, learning, and (comparative) religious toleration.

6) The Eastern Roman Empire, which spans both the green and yellow portions of your map, isn’t doing too badly either, bouncing back after losing territory to the Caliphate.

7) The Polynesians are colonizing the ENTIRE PACIFIC using amazing advanced navigation technology not rivaled until the INVENTION OF GPS.

8) I am not equipped to talk about Sub-Saharan Africa in detail (cue rant about how we never learn about subsaharan africa in the western educational system) but you can bet there are some major, amazing developments going on there too. I’d be shocked if there weren’t.



11) THEY WEREN’T BURNING WITCHES IN EUROPE DURING THE MIGRATION PERIOD (dark ages). Witch burning took off in the EARLY MODERN PERIOD, nearly 1000 years after this. Europe was going through some tough shit, which would leave them backwards compared to the rest of the world for 1000 years, but also there were some amazing things happening there, at least have the decency to be like “angry dudes with swords stabbing people” not WITCH BURNINGS FFS.

12) And ABSOLUTELY Islamic Caliphate was a totally amazing flowering of intellectual, artistic, and spiritual culture, a mixing pot between a thousand cultures and languages, and totally amazing. Don’t in any way want to diminish that in any way.

Why is Crystal Mamoru so cold?


So we’re eight episode into Sailor Moon Crystal, and the one thing that is on everyone’s mind about Mamoru is, “if all Tuxedo Mask is is an outfit, how does he have superpowers.”

It’s because he’s actually related to this guy:


Crystal!Mamoru is really a sexy Frosty the Snowman and he gets his superpowers from his hat.

When asked why he would wear a tuxedo in the middle of the afternoon, Mamoru was quoted as saying “It’s after 6, what am I a farmer?”

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